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Redeemer NYC’s Center for Faith and Work to host N.T Wright

Dr. R. Scott Clark raises some legitimate concerns regarding Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in New York City hosting the Reverend Doctor N.T. Wright for a lecture entitled “After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters” as part of Redeemer’s Center for Faith & Work ministry.

The Rev. Dr. Wright is a noted critic of the biblical gospel as confessed by the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches. Indeed, the Rev. Dr. Wright has made it clear that he believes the Reformation churches have fundamentally misrepresented the message of the Scriptures in this regard. Since it seems clear enough that the Elders of Redeemer Presbyterian Church uphold the Reformation gospel, and in no way agree with the faulty criticisms leveled by the Rev. Dr. Wright, one is left to wonder why they would promote him in this fashion.

Of course, Redeemer Presbyterian Church likely wishes to promote the careful consideration of what the Rev. Dr. Wright has to offer in relation to the pursuit of cultural transformation and not in relation to his corrupted views on justification and sanctification. Redeemer Presbyterian Church undoubtedly intends to avoid any confusion here by distinguishing clearly between the cultural ministry of their church and the Gospel ministry of their church. But we should question the propriety of the church, as such, having a ministry other than the Gospel. This is not to say that cultural activity is of no concern to the Christian — it most certainly is, and the obedient Christian must carefully consider how he may most effectively serve the Lord Christ in every capacity to which he is called. But cultural transformation is not a ministry of the Church. The Church’s ministry is the Gospel charge given by Christ which, when blessed by Him, will result in the transformation of the whole world.

This touches upon the biblical doctrine of The Spirituality of the Church confessed in our Standards and which Southern Presbyterians have especially emphasised over the years. While a full development of that doctrine is beyond the scope of this brief post, Dr. Clark highlights four important considerations that correlate well with this doctrine. I encourage you to consider his thoughts.

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