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Covenantal Baptism: Abraham was not Moses

Some months back on The Heidelblog, Dr. R. Scott Clark provided a brief but decisive demonstration from Scripture that we as New Covenant believers have a continuing command from God to apply the sign of the Covenant of Grace to our children.

Many mistakenly consider circumcision to have been primarily a Mosaic ordinance tied strictly to the Old Covenant established with national Israel. Circumcision was certainly a part of the Mosaic administration and was given particular application in that economy, but the Mosaic administration is neither the locus of institution nor the primary context of meaning for circumcision. Rather, circumcision was instituted as a sign and seal of the Covenant of Grace in the Abrahamic administration. It was taken up in the Mosaic administration under the Law, but the Mosaic administration did not set aside the promises and commands given earlier to Abraham (Galations 3:17).

The Mosaic covenant, the old covenant, is, in the language of [2 Corinthians], fading. According to Hebrews 8:13 it is “obsolete.” These things are not said about Abraham’s faith or the promise of salvation given to and through Abraham.

Thus, the Reformed covenant theology sees the promises and commands given to Abraham as still in force. The typological elements (bloodshed in circumcision) have been fulfilled in Christ but the promises and commands (to initiate children of believers into the visible covenant community) remain. This is why God said through the Apostle Peter, “the promise is to you and to your children….” The promise is the very promise he gave to Abraham: “I will be a God to you and to your children.”

Dr. Clark soundly and plainly demonstrates this conclusion from several passages of Scripture. I encourage you take a moment to read Dr. Clark’s refreshing and clear explanation.

A more extensive treatment of the Scripture doctrine of baptism in relation to the children of believers is also available from Dr. Clark at the Westminster Seminary California web site.

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