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Infant Baptism

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple who are studying the biblical doctrine of Infant Baptism. I was asked to suggest some helpful reading in relation to this, and I thought I might share that here.

Please feel free to suggest other books that you have found helpful on this topic.

To a Thousand Generations by Douglas Wilson
While I must caution against some of the more recent teachings of Wilson, this book originally published in 1996 does an admirable job of demonstrating from Scripture the nature of baptism and its right administration to believers and their children. This little book is very well reasoned and I highly recommend it.

Children of the Promise by Robert R. Booth
Many have found this book to be clear and helpful in better understanding the biblical nature of Infant Baptism.

Infant Baptism by John P. Sartelle
This is a booklet that does a great job of giving a concise overview of the subject, briefly explaining the biblical concepts and evidences for the baptism of infants.

The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism by Pierre-Charles Marcel
This is the book that convinced our Teaching Elder that Scripture requires the practice of Infant Baptism.

Christian Baptism by John Murray
This book deals more broadly with the doctrine of Baptism in general, but a right understanding of this doctrine generally is fundamental to a right understanding of Infant Baptism. Murray devotes a chapter toward the end of the book on the particular topic of Infant Baptism which I found very helpful.

The Meaning and Mode of Baptism by Jay E. Adams
Again, this booklet is not dealing directly with Infant Baptism, but because it deals with related topics, it can be helpful in clearing away misunderstandings that might otherwise prevent one from rightly understanding Infant Baptism.

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