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More on the Insider Movements

byFaith Online has a brief and helpful article on the reports from the Study Committee on Insider Movements that we discussed in Sabbath School.

After three years, the Study Committee on Insider Movements (SCIM) has completed its work. The 42nd General Assembly approved the recommendation to make “A Call to Faithful Witness, Part Two: Theology, Gospel Missions, and Insider Movements” available to presbyteries, sessions, and missions committees, and to recommend it for their study.

An insider movement (IM) is when people from a non-Christian background — Muslim, for example —come to Christ, but remain relationally, culturally, and socially a part of the religious community of their birth.

Dr. David Garner, SCIM chairman, hopes that the Assembly’s recommendation will result in PCA presbyteries, churches, and missions committees graciously calling missionaries and missions organizations to proper accountability.

Garner points out that the commitments of the IM paradigm are present in other missiological approaches. “There is a cross-pollination of value that comes out of these materials to help pastors and missionaries become more self-conscious about a biblical and theological approach to their missiological method.”

More at byFaithOnline.

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